A little bit More about trip to Uganda

Trip To Uganda Tips

Here is a planning guide and list of preparations and necessities for comfortable travel as an outreach or volunteer group with For World Wide Smiles. Important:  Please send a detailed flight itinerary of your arrival and departures reservations, times and plans to us at info@forworldwidesmiles.org

  1. Have your personal immunizations checked and updated.
  2. Consult with a travel medicine doctor about any specific recommendations for where you will be going.
  3. Have a doctor recommend and prescribe anti-malaria medication.
  4. Bring your own personal medications and hygiene items including toilet, Paper and/or baby wipes, Hand sanitizer, bug repellent (not aerosol), sun Screen, Head band to soak up sweat.
  5. Wide brimmed hat, light weight but long sleeved shirts and pants (Preferably with zippered or Velcro pockets) for Evenings (some are impregnated with bug repellent) rain coat, sweater and Light jacket for cool nights, comfortable but sturdy slip-proof shoes, Small backpack and/or fanny-pack. Cool clothing for warm daytime Temperatures. Loose pants or skirts that make it easy to squat over a pit Toilet. Swimming suit for the hotel pool.
  6. If you wear glasses get a safety strap to hold them on. Extra pair of glasses.
  7. For gorilla trekking: waterproof bags for your camera and other Electronics, rain pants or hiking pants preferably that draw closed at the Ankle, light weight gloves for sharp vines and branches. Light weight Hiking boots.
  8. Head lamp and extra flashlight with plenty of extra batteries.
  9. Camera with extra memory and batteries, binoculars.
  10. Your favorite snack foods and munchies.
  11. Mosquito netting (can be purchased in Kampala for Uganda volunteers).
  12. Daily journal, books or games for passing time, a travel book on Uganda or Haiti or wherever you might be going.
  13. Money belt, clip or security pouch for around your neck.
  14. One or two nice evening wear outfits for dinners and meetings with VIPs.
  15. Money There are some ATM machines in Kampala for Uganda volunteers but outside the city you must rely on cash in local currency (Ugandan Shillings)  The only form of American money that will be accepted for converting into local money are new $100 bills, no older than 2003, preferably newer. Not folded or wrinkled.  The conversion must be done while in Kampala or in the city you will be in not villages. You must order these ahead of time from your personal bank in quantities enough for the trip.  Traveler’s checks will also work but are cumbersome in finding a place in Kampala for Uganda volunteers that will accept them without a huge discount.  Outside the city they are useless.
  16. Put your check through belongings in regular travel luggage, this includes dental instruments you are bringing, in order to avoid undo scrutiny at airport customs. Bring a tireless supply of joyful energy and patience, and a go with the flow attitude.  There may be some interminable delays and unplanned for surprises which may require some “recalculating.”   One thing is for sure:  We will have a safe, productive, and fulfilling, grand and glorious adventure!

Things not to do or bring

  1. No jewelry. Leave your fancy watches, rings necklaces at home.  No short shorts. With the exception of a swim suit at the hotel pool, women should not wear any revealing tops or short shorts.  Culturally this is distasteful and targets you for harassment for Uganda volunteers. Keep cameras and other electronics out of sight in a closed back pack.
    Do not take any photos of anyone in military uniform, military buildings, installations or vehicles.   Ask permission before taking pictures of adults or their personal property i.e. a vendor’s fruit stand.
  2. Let’s be great ambassador from the USA. We treat everyone with honor and respect, acknowledging their personal greatness and feeling honored that we have the opportunity to be with them in their country.  (Uganda volunteers) Let’s go see some lions guys!!!!!