Be among those who will volunteer in Uganda Africa

Volunteer in Uganda Overview

For World Wide Smiles (World Wide Smiles Inc.) has been working in Uganda since 2002 with help from other professionals worldwide with a primary objective to alleviate suffering from dental disease and facilitate disease prevention, education and practices. This was in response to Dr. Shinn’s experience in Nepal in 1990 where he witnessed that children were dying every day from infections due to abscessed teeth. Local people had no idea what caused this condition, how to prevent it and how to treat it. Even the hospitals didn’t have access to the necessary basic treatment equipment and instruments, nor the expertise to treat emergencies and prevent ongoing problems. same problems are witnessed in Uganda and the rest of African up to now.

Due to the different gaps in the humanitarian world, World Wide Smiles Inc. is opening up other Branches in Africa with its Head Offices in Kampala, Uganda in support with other professionals to contribute towards Africa by taking the lead in addressing and eventually taking command of relief and rehabilitation, environment, livelihood and development programs in Africa.The blog link to our 2015 work in the refugees settlements in Uganda.